Dangers you may not have known associated with cat litters

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I absolutely love my fur babies! I have two medium haired male feline’s. The OG my oldest kitty is Fluffy and the youngest but biggest trouble maker is Simba. Their names really reflect their characters. They both have the same mother but are from different liters so I’m not sure about their father but they look almost identical. They are literally the sweetest when it comes to snuggle time however sometimes I want to throw them off my non existent balcony (please don’t call PETA on me)

I’m sure you love your Feline friend as much as I love mine (forget about the balcony part). But when we think of our love for our babies, its crazy to think that any part of them other than the occasional scratch or bite can be harming us and themselves .


Many cat litters especially the ones that clump up use sodium bentonite as the clumping agent. Although this is a natural clay, it exposes dangers to our felines once ingested through paw cleaning. Thats not the only noticeable thing to take into account. When our kitties scratch their litter box, It emits dust which they are directly inhaling and also putting out into the air which we are inhaling. This may cause respiratory problems in both us and our fur babies. If that wasn’t enough, it can also be toxic for the environment because it is not biodegradable.

Although this theory is common sense, it is not supported by most experts because there is no concrete research on the matter. This is mostly opinions from other cat owners and vets.




There are too many cases of things that are not supported by “experts” in one moment and then later they find out actually this is the TRUTH. So keep yourself and your animals safe at home and opt for friendlier ORGANIC & BIODEGRADABLE alternatives.

  • wood shavings.
  • corn.
  • wheat.
  • grains.
  • paper.
  • citrus scraps.

I’m sure there are more but here’s a few you can look into that can be safer options for your home.

I personally use wood pellets that I purchase from Canadian Tire for about 6$ and I get 40 lbs of it! This thing lasts me about one month maybe even more. I have 2 cat litters that I change once a week. When you compare this to most cat litter being about 20$ for half the amount, you would be crazy not to switch over. I’ve been using this litter Since fluffy was about 5 month and Simba 3 months and they seem to have no issues with it.

When the kitties pee on it the wood kind of turns into a powdery form. No your kitties wont get splinters from it and it is definitely toxic free and good for everyone.

Okay enough talk about cat litter. Keep yourselves and your fan safe! i hope you enjoyed this one and will give it a try 🙂


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