Celery Juice: Everything You Need To Know

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When it comes to juicing, theres so much controversy about the subject. Certain health “professionals” debate that when you juice you’re getting rid of the fibre which they claim is the most important part. However,if you have a friend Joe who loads up on fast foods for the majority of his meals, he most likely has enough fibre to even donate. The reasons why our “professionals’ think that people are lacking fibre is due to a high number of humans experiencing constipation. What they don’t seem to realize is that fibre is not the problem! The real problem is inflammation. 

Inflammation comes from the foods that we are putting in our body. Lets take a look at a “healthy” food. Whole wheat bread: Its known to be a healthy option packed with lots of fibre. The holy grail. Try eating a diet of only whole wheat bread for a week and I’m sure you will be clogged up like nobody’s business. Why is that? It’s because it has gluten in it and gluten is 1. like glue and binds everything together making it hard to go to the washroom and 2. it feeds viruses and bad bacteria in our body which contribute to inflammation. 

Health benefits of Celery Juice

Okay now lets get to the juicy stuff (no pun intended). Celery Juice is high in phytonutrients which helps reduce inflammation fighting off certain cancers, lowering rates of chronic ailments. It can also boost skin health (hello clear skin)! And not only that its great at hydrating the body. It gets better… Celery Juice acts as a natural laxative. I would tell you a very embarrassing story about this but it might be TMI (too much info). 

Downfalls of Celery Juice

I don’t know if I should really classify this as a downfall but I will just for the purpose of this article. So if you get celery thats not ripe enough it can be bitter AF making it super hard to drink. Pro tip: Its a lot easier to drink with a straw. Also after juicing it, it must be drank within 24h or else it loses all its magical benefits. And cleaning the juicer is not so fun. However thats not the celery’s fault its just part of the job. 

How to: 

  • Grab one big bunch of celery
  • chop off the bottom
  • wash very well with warm water to clean the dirt
  • depending on juicer chop stalks into smaller pieces
  • Juice the bad boy
  • best when drank immediately!

And thats it thats all!! Consume the celery juice after drinking a large glass of water on an empty stomach. Wait 15-30 mins after drinking water. Then after consuming juice wait 15-30 mins before you eat anything else and let the celery work its magic!!

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