Why working & strengthening your booty goes beyond the aesthetic

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In the last maybe 10 years or so, growing a nice peachy booty has become one of the biggest trends in the fitness world. When you walk into a gym, 90% of women are working their ass-ets. I really don’t know if it’s the Kardashians that started it, or if it’s booty songs becoming a thing, but whatever it is thank god for it. Research shows that this fitness trend, may actually lead  to a healthier, better you!

Okay lets break it down! Generally, we spend a lot of time in a seated position. Seated at the office, in the car, at home, we’re always sitting. Now, lets evaluate what is happening in our body while were seated. The glutes muscles are in a lengthened, weakened position ,causing them to shrink (oh no!!!) . This, in turn, leads to short, tight hip flexors, which affect the position of the pelvis, which affects the position of the spine and so much more!! (Sis, it’s time to get up!) That being said, glutes strengthening and building can be the answer to improving some of the risks of a sedentary lifestyle, improving your posture and reducing your risk of injury.

This is why I love barre classes so much! If you were to come to one of my barre classes, you would experience that the majority of the time, we are focusing on legs and booty, and the last 20-25 mins, we’re working on everything else.

 Here are 5 of my fav, barre moves that can help you build that BOOTAY!!!

  1. Second Position Plié

Place your hands lightly on the barre (countertop, or chairs work well too) then have your feet a little wider than your shoulders. Externally rotate your hips to find turnout in your feet (don’t force your natural turnout). When you lower down in a squatting position, draw your tailbone down towards your heels and press your knees to the back of the room. Lastly keep your torso lifted right above your pelvis and gaze forward.

  1. Pulsing Curtsy + Kick

Start with left hand at the barre, with feet hips distance apart. Step right foot back past the left foot in a curtsy and pulse 3 times. While pulsing keep your chest lifted. After pulsing 3 times, bring your right leg out in a kick to the side.

  1. Deep Lunge Pulses

Begin with your feet hips distance apart, and lightly place one hand at the barre, and the other on your hip. Lunge back with outer leg, and try to have your front thigh parallel to the floor.  Make Sure your frontal hip points are facing forward. Keep your back heel lifted. Begin to move halfway up and down.

  1. Single Leg Squat

Place both hands at the barre, and walk back and away from barre until your arms are fully extended, and your back is flat. Then lift one leg back keeping the hips squared. Start to bend the standing leg, keeping the weight in the heel and then straighten.

  1. Leg Extensions Pulses

Place both hands at the barre, and walk back and away from barre until your arms are fully extended, and your back is flat. Then lift one leg back keeping the hips squared. Start pulsing that leg half way up and down with the intention of lifting the heel to the sealing. Be aware of your bottom leg, and make sure it is slightly bent.

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